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Sell The Heart Records 2020 Vinyl Bundle

As a member of the exclusive Sell The Heart Records Subscription Club, you will receive EVERY release we have for 2020! This includes:

1.) Decent Criminal - Bliss (12" Cream with Pink Splatter Vinyl)
2.) TULPA LUNA w/ Adam Gnade collaboration (7" Clear Vinyl)
3.) Middle-Aged Queers' Too Fag For Love (10" Pink Vinyl)
4.) Unconditional Arms' Formation (12" Blue with Raspberry Red Smashed Vinyl)
5.) System Restore's User Friendly Fire (7" EP on White Vinyl)
6.) RLND's ZEALAND (12" Clear with Blue Splatter Vinyl)

But wait!!! There's more!!

Everyone that orders this subscription will receive a copy of Goodriddler's The Strength Of Weak Ties, Build Us Airplanes' At The End Of The Day LP, Atlas Amped (a Sonoma County compilation), as well as a copy of Everybody Wants Somewhere: A Tribute To Fugazi. $7 from each order will be donated to Punx With Lunch in Oakland as part of our endeavor to donate proceeds from the Fugazi Tribute album.


**Please note, this is not available outside of the United States - apologies, but the shipping costs would be too great